You adopted Agility...

but you're still not achieving the "radical market changing" business results expected.

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Alani is a full-service Enterprise Agile consulting group specializing in Lean-Agile Portfolio & Product Management.

We specialize in helping companies deliver radically improved business results by building industry leading:

Product Strategy & Management Practices

Self-regulating Product Ecosystems

Product Flow-based Organizational Structure

Metrics-guided Decision Making Programs

Organic Innovation Practices

Digital & Omnichannel Practices

High performing teams

Improvement-driven Culture Initiatives

about us

Our approach is unique.

We have designed a transformation framework to build Lean-Agile Enterprises which:

  • Integrate Business, Technology, Innovation & Governance within a single framework
  • Address all levels of the Product Ecosystem
  • Fluidly translate Business strategy into IT action
  • Use innovative Lean-Agile Portfolio and Product Management processes & practices
  • Understand the role of Digital and Data in Business Innovation
  • Accelerate Product Flow and Business Results
  • Support Decision-Making with role-appropriate Quantitative and Qualitative Feedback

our approach

We deliver real results for Real-World Business, not hypothetical theories that should work according to textbook scenarios.

  • "I have listened to nearly a dozen presentations on Agile and Enterprise Agility. ... Alani's presentation is the first time anyone has explained to me why I should care."

    CIO of a Major UK Retailer
  • "After working with you for 12 weeks ... the competence of our existing scrum masters increased dramatically and now they are making real contributions to the delivery teams."

    Senior Director of Project Management at major US-based global retailer
  • "Alani is the only Agile vendor we've talked to who can – with any credibility – talk about Enterprise Agility and Agile Portfolio and Product Management."

    Senior Director of Agile Center of Excellence at a major US-based airline
  • "What sets Alani apart is that they understand our business realities as well as our IT ones. They can talk to anyone and everyone in the organization and help them understand Business Agility and their role in it."

    Managing Director of a major Spanish & Latin American bank
  • "They understand what we [the Business] need and that the real challenge of introducing Agility is changing our [Business] way of thinking."

    Director of Innovation Office at a Spain-based major international bank
  • "They provided true leadership for getting the Digital Bank launched."

    Portfolio Director at a major Spanish & Latin American bank
  • "I am going to Australia to start up a new Digital Bank. I want you to come with me to help me do there what you did here."

    New VP of Digital Bank in Australia
  • "I am going to Denmark to take over the Digital Bank at [major Nordic Bank]. I want you to come and help me do there what you did here."

    New MD of Digital Bank in the Nordics

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