Our Approach


To start, what most organizations don't realize...

There are 4 distinct generations of Agility, i.e. 4 stages of development in Agile thought and practice.

Many organizations are stuck in the 1st or early 2nd generation conception and practice of Agility. However, to succeed, most of these organizations must solve their 3rd and 4th-gen problems.

Today, the 3rd and 4th generation Agility processes and practices are no longer terra incognita. 3rd-gen processes and practices are maturing, and 4th-gen practices are being actively explored.

1st - 4th gen Agility

We understand that Teams and their Processes – at the Operations, Development and the Product, Program & Portfolio Management levels – are all elements of a unified ecosystem.


A unified ecosystem is a critical success factor.
The ecosystem:

Must be driven by feedback.

It is Reality-based.

Is long-lived and must survive change.

It is Adaptive.

Has multiple stakeholders & perspectives.

It is Multi-Faceted.

Operates at several scales.

It is Coordinated & Harmonious.

We believe Lean-Agile practices must be adaptive. There is no one-size-fits-all in today's complex business world.


No matter where you are in your Agile journey...

Agile journey line

We customize our solution to meet your unique needs and have the hard-won experience and expertise to achieve the highest results for your investment.