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In a True Enterprise Agile solution, changing values, habits and practices is important, but even more important is real-world experience in your Industry

Financial Services

Banking and Financial Services is an ever-evolving industry. Never more so than now as the Digital Revolution shifts the ground beneath us. The changing relationship with customers, new, expanded and omnichannel products make business agility and innovation-thinking every bit as important as IT agility.

Alani has 8+ years of real-world experience, in 15 countries, implementing Enterprise Agility in Traditional and Digital Banking. We understand the market, product, regulatory and operational challenges of today's banking industry. Alani offers Lean-Agile expertise at the Team, Program, Product, Portfolio and Enterprise levels. Expertise that is more than just a claim; it is a track record.

To realize a real return on your investment in Enterprise Agility and to fully appreciate the benefits of thinking and being Agile, you need experienced guides that understand both Enterprise Agility and Financial Services. You need Alani.

What others in Financial Services have said about us:

"What sets Alani apart is that they understand our business realities as well as our IT ones. They can talk to anyone and everyone in the organization and help them understand Business Agility and their role in it."

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Telecom remains one of the most dynamic industries. Initially an enabler of disruption in other industries, Telecom has been disrupting itself in recent years. Moving from Voice to Data to Media, beyond Communication to Coordination, from Personal and Business use to Interpersonal and Industrial use. Continual Innovation is demanded of today's Telecom and allied service providers. And, not just Technology and Product innovation, but also innovation in developing and managing their relationship with their customers.

The principals in Alani all have their roots in the Telecom industry, with 15 to 30 years of experience in Product Design and Service Management. Alani goes beyond the world of IT Agility to offer a complete Agile solution at the Team, Product and Portfolio levels. Our experts understand the caveats and challenges of customer-facing, as well as, internal telecom applications.

To integrate Design Thinking and product-orientation into your Agile value streams you need experienced guides that understand both Enterprise Agility and Telecom. You need Alani.

What others in the Telecom Industry have said about us:

"This [tele-medicine] project would never have come together without your help and guidance.It was getting the requirements straightened out in the backlog and integrating the UX guys that really made the difference!"

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The airline industry constantly faces challenges of cost management, operational reliability & efficiency, and customer service. Arguably, all industries face such challenges. But, operating with thin margins, being capital- & labor-intensive, heavily regulated as well as having highly complex and interlinked systems, the Airline industry requires a special discipline in product, design and quality management. It requires an Agile approach that fosters Innovation and Productivity, while preserving Disciplined Safety.

Alani has worked with 2 major international airlines, addressing these challenges at Team, Product, Program and Portfolio levels. We are a full-service Enterprise Agile consulting group specializing in Lean-Agile Portfolio & Product Management, as well as, evolving teams and leaders toward a truly Lean-Agile way-of-working.

If you are suffering from the massive-program, massive-risk blues, you should consider the superior risk management, visibility and predictability of a Scaled Agile, Enterprise Agile approach.

What others in the Airline Industry have said about us:

"Alani is the only Agile vendor we've talked to who can – with any credibility – talk about Enterprise Agility and Agile Portfolio and Product Management."

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The Retail sector is in turmoil. Traditional players are having to learn a new game. A game that they didn't invent: the game of e-tailing and digitally-enhanced customer experiences and value-added products and services. Their challenge is getting out of the box of brick-and-mortar thinking as well as of just emulating others who embraced Change and Opportunity and got to market faster. They must integrate the Voice-of-the-Customer, Product Innovation and Agile Product Management and Development into their Cultures. And, at the same time, they must apply the same Culture and Discipline to their own organization and internal processes.

Alani has worked with major national and international retailers in the U.S, U.K. and Mexico. We have worked in IT, Product & Program Management, Logistics and Analytics.

A progressive and innovative environment/culture is needed to turn you from a follower back into a leader If you know that your Culture – the Values, Vocabulary and Practices that shape Behavior and Results – needs to change but don't know how, you need to call Alani.

What others in the Retail Industry have said about us:

"After working with you for 12 weeks ... the competence of our existing scrum masters increased dramatically and now they are making real contributions to the delivery teams."

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